Portal NIX is a management tool where can you view connection details for your connections. All NIX-customers will receive a personal account to access the portal.

In the portal you can:
  • View traffic graphs for all your connection(s). Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs are available.
  • View traffic graphs for the NIX IXP switches (also between locations on NIX1).
  • View traffic graphs for other customers (needs valid login). This will soon be integrated in the portal, but are currently only available from "Statistics - Customer Graphs"(contact nix (at) usit.uio.no for access).
  • View contact and connection information for other customers.
  • Check who is peering with whom from the Peering Matrix (available when the router is ready).
  • Find potential peers in the Peering Manager and request peering (available when the route server is ready).
  • Edit your contact and billing information.
  • View Cross Connects information (current only available for customers connected to NIX1-gaustadallen). From the Cross Connects tab you can see the patch panel name and port for all your connections. Please ensure that this information is synced with your own documentation.